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Worthy Park 109 3y 54,5% 1.0 l (holá láhev)

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Worthy Park

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Obsah alkoholu obj.


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3 roky


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Estery, Karamel


Estery, Karamel

Cena za litr


Limitovaná edice z řady Vintage plněná v roce 2021.

V oficiální distribuci pro Českou republiku je 349 lahví.

popis podle výrobce – engl.

Vintage – Limited Edition, ABV : 51.8%
Origin : Trinidad
Distillers : Limited Raw
Material : Molasses
Fermentation : 3 days
Distillation : 4 column still
Year of distillation : 2009  Tropical ageing 11 years in Bourbon casks, Continental Ageing 1 years in Ferrand casks
Volatile Substances : 525 g/ hL /AA
Esters : 205 g/ hL /AA
sugar caramel E150a (% volume) Between 0% and 0.1%
Nose :  Tonka beans, vanilla, caramel, coffee, cooked fruits, nuts with fresh spicy notes and a slight touch of floral hint
Palate: Structured with hints of pastries while hinting at light petrol notes.
Finish: Bitter almonds, orgeat, plus hints of citrus layered with fresh fruits

Continuously distilled in multi-column stills, Plantation Trinidad 2009 also stands out for its maturation process. This new limited edition benefited
from a signature double ageing process inspired by a 300-year-old technique updated by Alexandre Gabriel, an authority in the art of ageing.
This ancestral method is inseparable from the identity of Plantation Rums. This superb rum was first matured for 11 years in 200-liter ex-bourbon casks in the Trinidadian distillery’s cellars, built entirely of red bricks and particularly admired by Alexandre Gabriel and Andrew Hassell.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the bricks make it possible to maintain a cool temperature and, as a result, to exert greater control over the ageing of the cane eaux-de-vie.
Plantation Trinidad 2009 was then treated to an additional one-year ageing period in Javrezac, in France’s Charente region, in 400-liter French oak barrels from Maison Ferrand.

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